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It can be confusing, there are a variety of people and companies that provide mobile disc jockey services. It's very tempting to select the DJ with the cheapest price. But like the saying goes, "you usually get what you pay for". DJ services are not all equal. Here are some things to consider when looking for a DJ.

Look for a DJ with experience in the type of event you are planning. For instance, if you need a DJ for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, you would not want one that does school dances. Or if you are looking for a DJ for a school prom, you wouldn't want one that specializes in church functions. Most younger/newer DJ's don't have experience in a wide variety of events, it takes several years for a DJ to gain this experience. Make sure that the DJ you select has the experience for your type of function.

Pre-Event Planning
This can be very critical, but often over-looked. With some events, such as a wedding there are numerous details that have to be planned and organized beforehand so the event runs smoothly. Will the DJ you select take the time to do this? If you want to fully appreciate the value of pre-planning, ask the bride or groom whose DJ waited until they arrived at the reception to determine the sequence of the reception formalities. We think pre-planning an event is VERY important. At an event, such as a wedding our pre-planning lets you relax and enjoy instead of dealing with hassles and headaches because of last-minute decisions.

Music Library
Any DJ service can claim they have a variety of music that includes oldies, classic rock, country, Big Band, R&B, etc. But, can they really play what you want? Before selecting a DJ, ask them how many song titles they have. If they say under 6,000 they are under-equipped. This may surprise you, but it's true. The newer, or budget DJ simply has not invested enough to provide you with a first class selection of music. At HardRock's DJ Service, our music library is second to none. We carry over 22,000 song titles at all times. We play an average of 95% of requests received without any special preparation.

Your DJ should have high quality, industrial equipment that is designed for over the road use. No professional DJ uses consumer grade equipment purchased at retail stores. Our sound systems provide loud, clear, distortion free sound. You also have the peace of mind knowing that we always have back-up equipment on hand just in case.

It is very important to get a written contract from your DJ. This protects you, as well as the DJ. If a DJ does not want to write up a contract for your event, don't use them. You don't want to take the chance of the DJ cancelling your booking at the last minute. You also want to ask the DJ when he will arrive for your event. It usually takes a DJ one hour to set-up in the beginning and another hour to tear down at the end. Your professional DJ does not charge for the time it takes to set-up and tear down. The last thing you want at your event is for the DJ to show up late, your event will be a disaster before it's started.

Having insurance is part of any legitimate DJ business. This protects you and your guests from any unforeseen circumstances. For your peace of mind, HardRock's DJ Service has you covered.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into choosing a DJ. Don't let price alone determine which DJ you select, the DJ can make or break most events. We hope this helps you in selecting a quality DJ service for your event.